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air pollution understood

first clean air

Coal Power Plants | What do they emit?

Recent reports have revealed that the number of power plants constructed (either by the commencement or completion of building) each year is rapidly decreasing. Further, the number of active plants which are being retired is increasing both in South Africa and...

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Steaming Ahead | A company at the forefront

Recently at a conference in Cape Town we met an industry expert, Paul. He worked for the company Yellow Tree, as an air pollution specialist. His insight into his country's air pollution was astounding - we couldn't believe how far they had come in such a short space...

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Clean Air Act (1970)

The Clean Air Act is an air pollution control bill that,when passed in 50 years ago, was revolutionary for its time as it introduced environmental protection legislation that had never before been considered. Despite resistance from industries concerned that the bill...

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Types of air pollution that affect humans | Beware

Have you ever gazed out at your local city or town only to see its buildings blanketed by a thick layer of smog? ‘Smog’ is a word that is made by combining the words ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’ and is often used to describe the layer of air pollution visible to the human eye....

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Indoor Plants | Them and your inside air

I visited a nursery this week to buy some indoor plants. A friend had suggested one does this to make your air cleaner in your home, or office. What may seem a large capital outlay (they are not that cheap!) becomes well worth it down the road for your health and...

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Upcoming Events | 2019 a year to be excited about

This is the year that a few big conferences could change the world. Ok, maybe I exaggerate but it may start the winds of change that later make a huge impact. We will see 🙂 Up first, the #UNEA4 in Nairobi coming to you in March. Then, Hannover Messe 2019, which will...

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